Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sunset magazine Recommends 8 Things You Can Do Now to Get Your Outdoor Dining Area in Shape for Summer's Get-togethers.

Sunset, arguably the most highly read home, garden and lifestyle magazine in the west, recently sent me (via the magazine's e-newsletter) 8 ways to shape-up an outdoor dining area - or living area - for the summer. Here are their recommendations:

1. Plant living centerpieces

2. Drop plants into decorative pots
3. Plant flowers in containers

4. Mulch bare soil (the simplest way to make a garden look finished)

5. Tuck blooms in borders
6. Add lighting near paths
7. Camouflage undesirable elements

8. Furnish your outdoor room

I really appreciate easy-to-use, quick, and valuable tips and pieces of information like these. They're things every homeowner can do to update and spruce-up their outdoor living spaces, whether for an evening of entertaining or simply for aesthetics. And, all of these do the trick nicely.

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